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Greetings! I’m Joseph Minich  and I live in Maryland with my wife (Rebecca) and two sons (Samuel and Truman). I recently graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary (D.C. Campus) and hope to go back to school for a Ph.D soon. My lovely family and I are members of a PCA church. Besides matters theological, philosophical, and historical – I enjoy family, food, friends, film, and playing the guitar.



  1. Joel Carini says:

    Joseph, I just commented on your book review on Calvinist International. I showed it to my wife, Anna Pulliam (now Carini), and she says that her sister Christy Pulliam knows you! So basically I completely agree with your review and have a random personal connection besides.

    • Joseph Minich says:

      Ha! Small world. Yes, Christy is a very good friend of my wife and I. We think the world of her. I’m glad you liked the post and I appreciate the warm comments.

  2. adam900 says:

    Joseph, my name is Adam and I completely agree with your critiques of Van Til. I’m currently attending a presuppositionalist seminary, and am looking for a substitute online apologetics course that would teach from a Reformed and Classical perspective. Any ideas?

    • Joseph Minich says:

      Adam, thanks for your kind affirmation. I don’t have any great thoughts, to be honest. I went to RTS and their virtual program is quite good. The apologetics folks on the virtual program are John Frame and James Anderson. They are both presuppositionalists, but they are the best sort. They are both well read in classical apologetics and don’t treat Aquinas and others as though they have no insight. Anderson’s “Church and the World” lectures are quite good, and Frame’s philosophy and apologetics lectures are definitely worth it. Neither are “classical,” but they are friendly to many classical emphases.

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